About Us

Within this website, we celebrate and encourage the combined strength of collective intent, realized with our prayers and respected for its basis in both spiritual and scientific reality. Our goal is to focus our collective prayer energy to support and instigate positive change and decisions for the good of humanity and our planet.

In these prayers we send love to the critical decision makers who may be the “enemies” of peace, the “enemies” of an environmentally sustainable earth.

With this love, we transform these supposed enemies into loving beings. Thus, united with God’s essence of light, our prayers create a spiritual reality of a peaceful world with a healthy, sustainable environment.

Christ said “Ask, and you shall receive, seek and you shall find”.  With faith, we know that the Reality that we seek is manifesting in this world.


Who are we?

We are the scholars and students who marvel as an electron microscope reveals that our bodies, and all matter, can disappear into a fog of energy – revealing that matter merely sheaths that which is real, consciousness or the “field.”

We are the mystics and mental spiritualists who have experienced the nature of reality to be other than that which is seen or easily explained in the physical world.

We are awakening to the Reality of the Spirit and our responsibilities as co-creators. We are those who care deeply about others, because we know, from deep within our souls that we are all One  You are here, reading this, because you recognize that the time has come for the next evolution of humankind, you are part of that evolution. We are motivated by love.

We look around this world and we see, hunger, poverty and a looming environmental crisis. We cannot look away, and yet, if we fall into the despair of that reality, we become participants in the creation of that reality – even as we are trying to right the wrongs!


Why these prayers?

So what are we to do?  As a neophyte Activist and a practiced Mystic,  I was disturbed by the fear and futility that I and my cohorts felt as we battled those who seemed determined to destroy our environment for their own personal gain.  The Mystic in me knows the power of our beliefs to create our reality, so I asked myself, “How can I, while full of thoughts of futility, create positive results?  How can my fear create Compassion, or my anger inspire Wisdom?” I knew that in order to see the change what I wanted to see in the world, I would need to change my thoughts about the world. 

“For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; hatred ceases by love – this is an old rule.” Dhammapada

With faith in the power of love, I designed these prayers and practiced aligning my heart with love. I found that my world changed. Or at least, I changed. During my daily meditation, I would envision the “Heaven on earth” that these prayers describe.  My anger, hatred and feelings of futility changed to thoughts of success, love and appreciation. The feeling of futility do not contaminate my activism anymore.  When I see the problems of the world, I am confident that “This is changing and all is well.”

Please join us in this adventure! When we cross the Tipping Point, watch the miracles happen!

As John Lennon once said, “All you need is love.”