Islamic Intention Connect

inConnIslamiciphoneThe prayers are designed to apply our knowledge  of Consciousness and the Unified Field Theory in a very practical way. They help us join together globally with focused prayers and intentions that identify specific goals of global health, harmony and social justice.

“Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
– Rumi

The Prayer

We pray for ourselves and our companions who have chosen to promote love and compassion on personal and planetary levels. We know that this ever-increasing voice of humanity is filled with faith in it’s own empowerment through the divine grace of God.
Ya Rahim! Rahim Allah


We see the divine light entering all hearts,
Ya Nur! Nur un Allah Nur! Nur un Anwar  Nur un Allah Nur  Ya Nur Allah


Strengthening and unifying us as one enormous force of love, wisdom and compassion.


Ya Wadud! Ya Alim! O all Loving! O all Knowing God!


We know that all the leaders and lawmakers of the world are one with Allah, Allah is One and Allah is One with them.
Ya Wahid! The Only One!


We envision divine consciousness as a ball of light, and see that light entering their hearts, filling each one with love for all humanity and every sentient being.


Ya Wali! Ya Wali!


We see the energy of this love empowering them as it fills each heart and mind with the wisdom and strength to express this compassion and love.


Ya Barr! O perfection of unconditional love.


In faith and thanksgiving, we see our leaders unified by this force of wisdom and love and know that they are now creating a peaceful, healthy world and all is in divine order.


Ya Salaam! Ya Salaam! Ya Salaam!


We know that all the corporate leaders of the world, whose decisions influence our environment and our future, are unified with God. We see the divine light of God entering and energizing their hearts with the gifts of wisdom, love and compassion.


Ya Hakim! Ya Rauf! O Essence of all wisdom and compassion


In faith and thanksgiving we know that all business leaders are guided to make decisions that that are aligned with the Divine Creation. That of pure water, clean air and vibrant nutrients to sustain our bodies.


Ya Malik al Mulk! All of creation is held in your hands


All of their decisions are guided to support the health of the organism we call planet earth and all components of that environment, including humanity.


Ya Hadi! You who Guide and instill the right direction!


Ya Rashid! Guide of Humanity!


Thank you Allah, for the faith and knowledge that through your grace, our prayers and intentions manifest the creation of heaven on earth and may  “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


Ya Qadir! Ya Muqtadir! O Actualizer of Divine Purpose!


My special intention is:


For all of this, Allah, we say thank you.
Thank you for your presence and love.
Thank you for all your countless blessings.


Shukran Allah! Abudant gratitude and praise are forever Yours!
Alhamdullilah   Alhamdullilah  Alhamdullilah ir Rabbil Aleymin!