The Science

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere… Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
– Albert Einstein

The Non-Local Mind and Quantum Physics

lanterns-1“There is compelling evidence that there is some aspect of the mind that cannot be confined to points in space, such as brains or bodies, or to points in time, such as the present moment. Such aspect of the mind is said to be nonlocal… At some level, nonlocal minds must merge, leading to the ancient idea of the Universal or One Mind…This implies shared characteristics between human beings and the Absolute – the idea of ‘the Divine within’.”

– Larry Dossey PhD, forward to Spiritual Healing
by Daniel J. Benor, M.D.

Measuring the effects of consciousness transformation and it relationship to the One Mind has led to the development of many ongoing studies. Evidence based studies include the Reduction of Warfare in Lebanon in 1983  (, ongoing worldview transformation projects at The Institute of Noetic Sciences (, and Lynne McTaggert’s Intention Experiment ( These studies provide measured results and offer training programs for further involvement.

We Are United in Conscious World Transformation

There are many other dedicated groups pursuing greater understanding and community involvement in conscious world transformation. The following excerpt from the Huffington Post  ( discusses  one such effort and the diversity of support it received: Last years ‘Be The Peace’ event was the birth of something new through the use of the internet and the collaborations between many individuals and organizations. Be The Peace, The Amala Foundation, Medmob, (meditation flash mobs) and dozens of others organized a globally unified moment of prayer and meditation for peace. This collaboration was backed by the research of The Global Coherence Initiative, The Institute for Heartmath, and The Global Consciousness Project, all of whom have gathered significant data to show that our thoughts collectively have the ability to change the world around us.

In an article written by Jeane Ball called, “Collective Consciousness and Meditation: Are We All Interconnected by an Underlying Field?” she explores these ideas in more detail. She asks the question, “If we’re all interconnected through the fabric of collective consciousness, could society be dramatically transformed by a sufficient number of people creating a positive influence — say, by practicing a meditation technique designed to defuse stress and enliven orderliness within the brain and human consciousness?”  Quantum physicist John Hagelin, a forerunner in that exceedingly intricate, leading-edge area of science called “unified field theory,” explains: “What we’ve discovered at the foundation of the universe is a universal field where all the forces and particles of nature are united as one,” says Dr. Hagelin. “They are ripples on a single ocean of existence.”

Our conclusion?

We agree with Dr. Hagelin, “Since the unified field is an all-pervading field at the basis of consciousness and matter, when unity is enlivened in the individual, unity is enlivened everywhere. This is a field effect of consciousness.”  As we pray, we unite within the field, and it is “enlivened everywhere.”

Evidence is growing that combined intentions can manifest positive change. At the Institute of Science, Technology and Global Change (, founder Dr. John Hagelin recently co-authored an editorial regarding “Invincible Defense Technology — the collective practice of advanced technologies of consciousness by large groups of peace-creating experts in order to create coherence in national consciousness.” Go to to learn more about how this approach with similarities to our United Divine Intentions prayer effort could resolve specific conflicts in different nations and regions worldwide.